m-RESIST group has performed a qualitative study to identify the user’s needs

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m-RESIST group has performed a qualitative study to identify the user’s needs

At the end of May 2015, users’ focus groups were performed in the three countries involved (Spain, Hungary and Israel). This activity was led by Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu (Spain) with the support and collaboration of Gertner Institute (Israel) and Semmelweis University (Hungary). This was a qualitative study on treatment-resistant schizophrenia outpatients’ needs performed before defining the system requirements. 

As a result, the project obtained the opinions and suggestions on the m-RESIST solution from 3 groups of users: patients, clinicians and informal carers. A total of 9 focus groups and 37 interviews were carried out in the three countries, using discourse analysis as the framework. The results were very positive and interesting, since they gave an initial feedback on the responsiveness of the application and it allowed the incorporation of new ideas when designing it.

A webpage and a virtual forum were perceived as suitable to get reliable information on both the illness and support. Data transmission service, online visits, and instant messages were valued as ways to improve contact with clinicians. Alerts were appreciated as reminders of daily tasks and appointments. Avoiding stressful situations for outpatients, promoting an active role in the management of the disease, and maintaining human contact with clinicians were the main suggestions aimed at improving the effectiveness of the solution.

Positive receptivity towards m-RESIST services is related with its usefulness in meeting user needs, its capacity to empower them, and the possibility of maintaining human contact.